Designed & Led By NCAA Division 1 Pitching Coach & Recruiter Wayne Mazzoni

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Designed & Led By NCAA Division 1 Pitching Coach & Recruiter Wayne Mazzoni
The D1 Roadmap
6 Weeks To The Pitcher You've Always Wanted To Be
One-of-a-kind coaching experience led by Division 1 Pitching Coach & Recruiter Wayne Mazzoni. 100% online so that you can take advantage of it no matter where you live or move. 

Designed to address all aspects of your game on the mound to forge you into a highly desired elite college ready pitcher. Whether you need to improve velocity, location, secondary pitches, mental game, or getting noticed by scouts... this program addresses it.  $995.
Learn To 'Overclock' Your Body And Add At Least 3-5 MPH In Under 3 Weeks
Unknown to  even high level coaches and players, traditional training techniques can slow down your body's performance and sabotage your velocity. In MaxVelo Mechanics, you will learn the 5 key laws of pitching mechanics to 'overclock' your body so that it moves faster, throws harder, and performs better on the mound.  $77.
Work 1-on-1 With A D1 Pitching Coach
Supercharge your results no matter what training program you are currently using  by working 1-on-1 with Division 1 pitching coach and recruiter Wayne Mazzoni. If you are stuck and want results fast... this is for you.  CoachNow is the coaching platform you will use.  $300/mo.
By Division 1 Pitching Coach Wayne Mazzoni
Have your mechanics analyzed by Division 1 Pitching Coach Mazzoni who uses a unique side-by-side comparison system with high level collegiate and professional pitchers for unrivaled clarity when it comes to what you need to do to take your game to the next level.  $95
Recruiting Author & Speaker Coach Mazzoni
The Only Baseball Recruiting Package from An NCAA Baseball Coach.  Includes Coach Mazzoni's Book, Seminar Video, COVID-19 Webinar, and A Short Version PDF (For The Kids Who Want The Info Fast!).  All Products Are Digital.  $47.
College coach and athletic recruiting author and expert Wayne Mazzoni is offering inside access to a presentation he has made at over 400 high schools across the nation. This recruiting webinar is for athletes and parents in grades 9-12.

What you'll learn about:
- How to narrow your list
- How to get clear on what college level is right for you
- The only 3 ways of getting college coaches to evaluate you
- The NCAA Clearinghouse
- How to evaluate college programs
- Admissions as a student athlete
- Scholarships and financial aid
- Camps, showcases, recruiting services, and more...

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The High School Athletes Guide
The High School Athlete’s Guide to College Baseball is by far the best book of its kind for those looking to play baseball in college. The only book to focus solely on baseball, the book offers real life tips from the college coaches doing the recruiting. It covers camps, showcases, tournaments, video, and a variety of other tips to give you an edge over the competition.

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Sports Psychology For Life
Most of us spend a good part of our lives competing in one way or another. We compete for grades, to get into colleges, for jobs, promotions, to win the love of someone, and of course, in many ways through athletics. And while to a certain extent we do compete against others, it really comes down to a game against yourself. In sports and in life, it is really YOU vs. YOU.

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